UPDATE: July 2023

Minyan Tikvah is currently inactive. For most of our membership, Minyan Tikvah no longer fulfills a need that is unmet by the rest of the Center City community. The organizing committee of Minyan Tikvah has made the decision to take an indefinite hiatus from regular Shabbat morning services, and the committee has disbanded. If, in the future, a critical mass of people wants to revive Minyan Tikvah, the board remains available to commit Minyan Tikvah’s resources to the next generation of leaders.

Minyan Tikvah, an independent, lay-led minyan in Center City, meets approximately once a month for traditional egalitarian Shabbat morning services, followed by kiddush and a vegetarian potluck in rotating locations.

We welcome people of all ages, genders, affiliations, backgrounds, and forms of observance, so spread the word about our community!

See the sidebar for dates, times, locations, and other details of our upcoming services.

Vision statement: Minyan Tikvah strives to build a vibrant, participatory Jewish community which values traditional liturgy and is centered around celebration of the day of Shabbat, egalitarianism, and an independent approach to Jewish life.