We are a community of volunteers. If you would like to contribute either with time or money, please contact Minyan Tikvah at info@minyantikvah.org. Every contribution is helpful.

Here are some ideas (but if you have other ideas or would like to be involved in a different way, we’d still love to hear from you):

  • Sponsor kiddush
  • Volunteer to read Torah, lead services, or share words of Torah. If you don’t know how and want to learn, we’re happy to help!
  • Arrive on time to ensure that we have a minyan (quorum of 10 Jewish adults)
  • Help with setup and clean up on minyan days
  • Join the Organizing Committee
  • Join one of our sub-committees (food, holidays, education, hospitality, etc.)
  • Support us financially by donating to Minyan Tikvah. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations go towards the costs of running our services and other events.


One-time or monthly donations
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